HumanPal Software

HumanPAl software can create for You engaging aI human spokesperson videos.

Unlock the Power of HumanPal Software for Engaging AI Human Spokesperson Videos.

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Experience the Revolutionary AI Digital Human Generator

Generate exclusive male, female, and child AI-generated faces using advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to avoid copyright concerns. These digital humans, though incredibly lifelike, do not exist in reality. Utilize these generated photos for commercial purposes without additional fees.

Create a Unique Talking Human in Your App!

Hyper-Realistic Talking Avatars

Capture attention and evoke emotions by accessing a diverse array of human characters featuring various clothing styles, ethnicities, and professions. Enable them to communicate in multiple languages, conveying your message in an interactive and entertaining manner.

Transform Photos into Speaking Humans

Harness the exclusive capabilities of HumanPal to convert images into live, speaking individuals. Leverage an extensive library of copyright-free human faces within our app, transforming existing avatars into “unique” human characters that articulate any text you input. Witness this mind-blowing transformation in mere seconds!

New Male & Female Human Text-to-Speech Voices

Enhance engagement and drive sales using a wide selection of incredibly realistic male and female voices available in popular languages. Instantly synchronize these voices with your HumanPal, enabling swift video creation. Tailor voice speed and pitch to match your desired tone and authenticity.

Ready-Made Video Templates for Seamless Creation

Streamline video production with captivating pre-designed templates. Customize these templates by incorporating text effects, fonts, animations, watermarks, and backgrounds, providing limitless possibilities without requiring technical expertise.

Versatile Drag-and-Drop Video Scene Editor

Craft tailor-made videos across various topics and niches using the intuitive video scene editor. Manipulate video scenes effortlessly—add, delete, edit, or reposition elements for ultimate flexibility. Exercise complete control by adjusting backgrounds, colors, fonts, text, HumanPals, and more to create your unique masterpiece.

Humanpal Instructions

Speech-to-Text Transcription for Effortless Content Creation

Automate content development by swiftly transcribing audio files into text. Utilize the generated text as a script for your videos, repurposing old content into compelling human-centric videos.

Unlock Global Audiences with 1-Click Translation

Expand your reach by instantly translating text into multiple languages, creating multilingual videos effortlessly. Duplicate existing projects within minutes to cater to diverse linguistic preferences.

Subtitle & Captions Enhance Engagement

Appeal to a broader audience by incorporating subtitles into your videos—grabbing attention, increasing traffic, leads, and sales, especially as 80% of social platform videos are watched without sound.

Optimized Video Dimensions for Maximum Reach

Maximize ROI by creating vertical mobile-friendly (9:16) or landscape computer-friendly (16:19) videos, effectively expanding your audience. The app offers various other video dimensions for versatile video creation.

HumanPal Features:

Precise Background Removal

Effortlessly eliminate unwanted backgrounds from any photo with a single click.

Extensive Library of Image & Video Assets

Access copyright-free image and video assets easily with a keyword search.

Engaging Text Effects & Animations

Captivate viewers with stunning text effects and animations.

Rich Royalty-Free Music Library

Choose from a vast collection of music to enhance your videos.

Flexible Media Library

Upload and incorporate your assets seamlessly into your videos.

Customizable Voiceovers

Upload voiceovers in any language and sync them perfectly with AI humans for flawless lip-sync.

Real-Time Video Preview

Review your work on the fly before rendering the final video.

Efficient Video Cloning

Save time by cloning videos into multiple languages effortlessly.

Image Editing Capabilities

Crop, zoom, and rotate images to use as backgrounds or within your scenes.

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