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VideoRobot software is a cutting-edge video technology that is packed with capabilities that are far above those of any other video software on the market right now!

You can create 3D Avatar Videos, Kinetic Animation Videos, Sales Videos, Whiteboard Videos, Explainer Videos, Live Action Videos, Presentations and a whole lot more in ANY language with Videorobot software.

videorobot software

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Clients have access to high-quality “3D Avatar Video Templates,” “Kinetic Video Templates,” and “Whiteboard Video Templates” in the most popular and sought-after sectors. Professional male and female voiceovers are included with these templates. Every component, including logos, graphics, backdrops, audio, and more, may be customized by end users to quickly produce beautiful films.

With the all-new, never-before-seen BLANK video canvas, customers can now create videos in ANY style without relying on templates. The library of built-in text effects, motion animations, intros, outros, and much more allows users to easily create ANY kind of movie in ANY language!
By starting from scratch, the NEW “Blank Video Canvas” allows you to create original 3D videos, kinetic videos, whiteboard videos, explainer videos, presentations, and much more.

Each movie may quickly and easily have voiceovers, 3D avatars, text effects, animations, logo openers, and outros added. infinite possibilities
Without using any other third-party programs, VideoRobot has all the capabilities you could ever need to make ANY kind of movie!

Your sales scripts can be instantly translated into ANY language. Then, using the greatest Text-to-Speech engine in the world, turn it into lifelike audio in a matter of seconds!

With this software you can make entertaining movies without a camera, microphone, or any other software by simply speaking into the app, and your voice and audio will instantly sync with the 3D avatars in real-time (within seconds).

Create films WITHOUT restrictions by using the library of breathtaking motion animations, effects, and video elements. Since all of the components are completely editable, creating videos is simple.

Customers can now, for the first time ever, add any backdrop image or video behind the logo openers to create amazing and original “Live Action Videos” in just 30 seconds. We no longer need to rely on pre-made templates with “fixed backgrounds” and “boring animations” that can’t be changed!

This is a must-have due to the industry-leading game-changing features including the best text-to-speech engine in the world, 3D avatars, and the all-new and improved pattern interrupt, real-time lip-sync technology, all of which are accessible at a “LOW one-time price”
Users may easily advance their video creation by incorporating themselves or other spokespersons into their movies and app designs by using the “Auto Green Screen Removal” feature.

VideoRobot Software Features:

  • 100+ “3D Avatar Video Templates” Done for You
  • “Kinetic Animation Video Templates” in excess of 100
  • Whiteboard Video Templates: 100+
  • innovative “Blank Video Canvas”
  • Videos In ANY Language – Instant Translation
  • Green Screen Eraser Automatic Removal
  • World’s Finest Life-Like “Text-To-Speech”: Hottest and In-Demand Niche Video Templates & Editable TEXT Sales Scripts
  • 40+ Human-Like 3D Avatars, both male and female
  • Second-generation lip-synching technology in real-time
  • With every template in the app, there are hundreds of Genuine, professional male and female voiceovers!
  • Flexible video editing and in-app audio recording
  • Beautiful logo openers, introductions, conclusion, text effects, motion animations, and much more!cd
  • videorobot video creator

With SMART Automation & Customization Tools, Pick From 300 Ready-Made Video Templates in the Hottest Niche…
Unconstrained Blank Video Canvas Create UNIQUE 3D Explainer, Whiteboard, Kinetic Animation, Live Action, & Sales Videos!
Maximize Engagement & Reach: Honorable Mention To Convert International Audiences, Use Text-To-Speech With ONE-CLICK Translation!
Comes with a commercial license Create as many videos as you want for yourself or to sell to customers.

You have the option to utilize your own distinctive backdrop image or movie using VideoRobot to take things to the next level when importing green screen videos.
Effortlessly With just ONE platform, you can create ANY type of video for ANY campaign.
Bid adieu to juggling 12 distinct software programs… either a degree in rocket science, a five figure monthly budget, or both to produce the customized movies that your customers want. You can now use video to its maximum potential to increase traffic, leads, and sales.
With ONE software that makes creating videos simple, affordable, and enjoyable.

videorobotWithout the use of a camera or costly freelancers, VideoRobot comes with ALL the tools & templates you’ll need to create ANY style of movie in one platform!
Use the first “BLANK VIDEO CANVAS” in the world to create Unique videos from start. Whiteboard, Kinetic Animation, Live Action, 3D Avatar, and more video formats are available!
Award-winning one-click and text-to-speech services You may show off your videos to a global audience in any language using TRANSLATION.
The popular genres have over 300 done-for-you configurable templates that make creating videos simple and quick. No prior knowledge required!
Receive UNRESTRICTED access to VideoRobot’s world-class features, real-time lip-sync, outstanding 3D animations, and endless versatility!
Without the need for several video programs, VideoRobot integrates cutting-edge conversion technologies & video assets to offer the results.

Every component of ANY template can be easily customized to make it wholly yours.
To adapt any movie to your demands, you can alter the backgrounds, logos, photos, text effects, animations, and more.

Pick From Over 100 3D Avatar Explainer Video Templates to Captivate With Breathtaking 3D Avatars. Use real-time lip-syncing technology to instantly synchronize YOUR voice or script to the avatars… Moreover, you can also AUTO-TRANSLATE into any language and select from more than 50 realistic text-to-speech accents and voices!

With Over 100 Creative Kinetic Motion Patterns, IMPROVE Engagement Use breathtaking graphics and motion animations to persuade visitors to act, generating MORE leads and purchases!

Pick From Over 100 Whiteboard Animation Video Designs To Keep Viewers GLUED To The Screen. These elegant whiteboard animations have been PROVEN to lengthen viewers’ attention spans and encourage clicks.

Amazing live action videos, introductions, and logo reveals. Choose from an extensive collection of eye-catching animation intros and logo reveals. Instead of using the pre-set, dull backdrops found in other video apps, you can now change the background for the first time ever!

Text effects and motion animations that are exciting, entertaining, and creative for all of your videos. Modify text, colors, and everything else to make your videos stand out and dominate the competition.

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