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ChatterPal is a cutting-edge new technology that is intended to increase sales, leads, and outcomes using various market-leading features and artificial intelligence.
In order to give results unlike any other chat software on the market, ChatterPal combines our cutting-edge “Interactive 3D Avatar” technology with “SMART Chat Automation” powered by AI.
Customers can rapidly increase sales, conversions, and leads on blogs, e-commerce sites, bonus pages, and landing pages by adding ChatterPals to ANY website (including ones they don’t own).

What’s best? Customers can build SMART chat automation in ANY language with built-in translation and premade conversation templates with ChatterPal!
Unlike other apps, customers may establish UNLIMITED ChatterPals for themselves and their clients for a small one-time fee!
Included is a commercial license!

chatterpal software application

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Transform common websites, blogs, and funnels into intelligent sales machines.
Award-winning Text-to-Speech & Interactive 3D Avatars Engage & Captivate Attention.
Without Optin Forms or Landing Pages, Automate Leads and Sales.
Use the Commercial License to Create Unlimited ChatterPals for Yourself or To Sell To Customers!

With ChatterPal, you get a personal chat agent powered by AI who is always available.
It enables you to connect, communicate, and engage with site visitors in ways you never could before.
Increasing engagement will lower bounce rates, increase the number of leads entering your sales funnel, and most crucially, increase profits!
You can quickly develop a custom-branded avatar chat agent with our dynamic lifelike text-to-speech and lip-sync technology, cutting-edge 3D avatar animation, and…

ChatterPal Features:

Instantly brand the 3D avatars with your own logos and photos using 1-Click Logo Mapping. The logo looks fluid and dynamically adjusts to the avatar’s movements, giving the latter a lifelike appearance.

A new and upgraded text-to-speech engine with more than 100 lifelike voices in 25 languages is available in the new version of next-generation text-to-speech. The premium new TTS voices are the same ones used in Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

Various Interactive 3D Avatars – 3D avatars of men, women, and animals that are real people. Avatars appeal to people of different ages, backgrounds, and races.

Take website visitors on a path depending on their responses with SMART A.I. Chat Automation. The intelligent AI-backed chat engine communicates with clients WITHOUT the assistance of customer service representatives or other people.

Templates for Done-For-You Chat – To increase sales, leads, and conversions on any website, activate and deploy ready-made chat templates in a matter of seconds!

Technology for automatic email and data capture neatly records visitor emails, names, and any other information they enter into chat in a CSV file. Add the data to your preferred CRM or autoresponder by downloading it!

Get real-time feedback and in-depth insights on chat conversions, geolocations, engagement, and more with the intelligent analytics engine to quickly identify successful campaigns.

cutting-edge live-link technology Add ChatterPals to any website owned or operated by a third party. Perfect for increasing conversions on bridge pages, affiliate landing pages, and more to increase sales, traffic, and outcomes!

Built-in language translation (Go Global) lets you instantly translate chat into any language!


Some example how you can use Chatterpal:

Website and e-commerce companies can provide discounts and coupons to increase sales!
ChatterPal allows local businesses and medical professionals to schedule appointments using computerized chat.
Online grocery businesses, delivery services, and pizza shops all accept personalized orders via automated chat!
To provide customer service, gather emails, names, and other client information, create SMART chat flows!Automatically engage with visitors to keep them on your website longer and watch bounce rates plummet!

On Each device, interact and communicate with any guest in real time!
Offer timely/personalized incentives, bonuses, and other nice items on your e-commerce websites and stores to convert visitors into customers.
Create qualified leads, clients, and even affiliate commissions by displaying information on websites that you don’t even own! ChatterPal Avatar
Take orders, make appointments, handle support/service concerns, and answer clients’ questions without the use of staff or expensive virtual agents with the help of the ChatterPal avatar!
Gain your clients’ trust, encourage repeat business, and enhance user experience by raising customer happiness! ChatterPal Avatar

Ask sales-related inquiries by interacting with visitors using your ChatterPal avatar.
Assist them in finding what they’re looking for on your website and guiding them through the purchasing process to close the deal.
Your chat agent may immediately check in to see if your clients have any queries, need more information, etc. if they stop during the checkout process for whatever reason, reducing cart abandonments!
Additionally, it’s simple to compile a subscriber list from site visitors who are merely exploring your shop so you can contact them later via email.
Simply request their email address in exchange for a voucher or other promotional item.

Use ChatterPal to provide your visitors and customers with interesting discounts, timely promotions, bonuses, and more.
Does your company accept appointments, like a barbershop, nail salon, or dentist’s office?
By using ChatterPal, you can use your website to take appointments automatically, saving you, your team, and time spent on the phone.
If you own a restaurant, you can use ChatterPal to ask customers to reserve a table, place a delivery or takeout order, or even reserve a big party!
The options are truly limitless!

Use ChatterPal to connect with visitors on your blogs, websites, and landing pages in order to encourage them to click on your affiliate links or subscribe to your mailing lists.
You can use ChatterPal to promote interesting material on other websites for your advantage thanks to our Live-link technology.
Visitors will interact with your on-screen chat agent and be persuaded to dynamically visit an affiliate website or subscribe to your list… no opt-in forms or landing pages are required!

Use ChatterPal to communicate with visitors to your sales page. Ask questions and then walk your casual visitors through the purchase process.
They might accept a reward if you put them on your list. In order to finalize the deal and/or promote other relevant offers, you can follow-up later with emails.
Gain more conversions more quickly to boost sales and revenue while spending less on advertising and retargeting!

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