Commission Gorilla Software

Commission Gorilla software is a robust yet user-friendly web-based program that enables you to easily generate promotion sites with a few mouse clicks. It also offers a WordPress plugin that you can add to your WordPress websites.
As an affiliate marketer, it has been demonstrated that those who offer bonuses frequently earn roughly five times as much as those who do not. However, because it takes so much time, the majority of affiliates do not provide value to a promotion.

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How about software that creates a hosted bonus delivery page automatically, allowing you to simply point your customers to the location where they may receive their bonuses?
We are confident that you will like Commission Gorilla software if you need attractive, powerful sites that actually bring in the cash for your next affiliate campaign. Anyone can learn how to use it because it is so simple. newcomers comprised.
You only need to establish an account and log in to start creating pages; there is nothing to install.
As you go along, you can see a preview of the outcomes, and you can always go back and use our drag-and-drop builder to make changes to any live pages in your dashboard.

Commission Gorilla Software Bonus Library To Store Your Bonuses:

There are four distinct bonus block layouts available for you to pick from, and you may make as many bonuses as you like and put them in your library to have them available at all times when you need them for a new promotion.
A bonus block is simple to create; you can upload an image or create a custom block from scratch using the built-in WYSIWYG editor.
The bonus library also stores download and access details so that your bonus delivery page may be built out automatically.

Commission Gorilla Drag & Drop Promotion Page Builder:

You may start marketing and advertising your page as soon as you’re done editing!
You can use the integrated Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn sharing tools right away to drive rapid traffic.
The software will automatically create a hosted bonus delivery website for you as a time-saving feature; all you have to do is point your buyers to this page so they can access their incentives.

You’ll be able to launch up to 20 distinct promotional campaigns simultaneously in addition to quickly creating your subsequent affiliate promotion website.

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