PhotoWorks 16 Software

PhotoWorks 16 software is an intelligent photo editor software for PC.

Simple color and tone adjustment
Improve pictures quickly by changing the contrast, vibrance, and exposure with a single click.
Simple portrait augmentation
Just a few clicks, get rid of wrinkles, scars, and acne. Alter the form of your face, your eyes, your nose, and your lips.
180+ picture effects and filters
With a variety of artistic effects—including retro, HDR, color splash, and more—you can transform an everyday photo into a work of art.
450+ RAW formats supported
450+ camera model RAW files can be edited. With each upgrade, support for new cameras is added.

Because to its two AI-powered portrait enhancing modules, this picture editor for PC is a time saver for wedding or portrait photographers. The simplest method to make your portrait shots better is with Portrait Magic. To erase face shine, smooth the skin, whiten the teeth, and other things, use one-click effects. You can use Face Sculpt to subtly modify your model’s facial features to restore their natural appearance after being damaged by poor lighting or an awkward angle. Slenderize the face and use a slider to change the appearance of the lips, nose, and eyes. To try out these tools for yourself, get a free trial of this program!

Do you prefer to take portraits and selfies? Do you require a program to post-process them? Try out PhotoDiva. With automated presets, tools for erasing imperfections, 50+ digital makeup effects, tools for editing the face and body, and all the necessary image-enhancing capabilities, this free portrait picture editor is well-equipped. Use this software to enhance portraits of all genders, including those of men, women, and children.

An multitude of potent tools to improve the colors in your images, blur the background, correct exposure errors, and much more are hidden beneath this user-friendly interface.

Improve the colors and tone
Download the AMS program for nothing. To correct the most frequent photographic issues, click the Auto Correction button. This content-aware application will automatically fix your photo’s exposure, add vibrance, and increase contrast after determining the image’s genre.
Manually adjust your photographs. The adjustments are all made by dragging sliders, necessitating no prior knowledge of photographic software.

Enhance the composition overall
By removing any distracting objects, you may transform an ordinary shot into eye candy. The Rule of Thirds, the Golden Ratio, and other compositional guidelines are among the various crop presets that PhotoWorks offers. Correct any perspective and distortion issues quickly. One slider drag will eliminate barrel or pincushion distortion.

You may easily fix a shot that was marred by photobombers, strange objects, or date stamps. Employ the Healing Brush to get rid of little annoyances, or the Clone Stamp to get rid of bigger things.
Make your photo’s background blurry to give it a dreamlike appearance. For a collage, make the backdrop of an image transparent. If you want to alter the tone of your image, modify the background.

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