All 404 Redirect to Homepage WordPress Plugin

All 404 Redirect to Homepage WordPress Plugin. With the help of this plugin, you can correct all errant 404 links that exist on your website and use 301 SEO redirects to reroute them to the homepage or any other page. Your website’s search engine ranking will suffer if it has 404 error pages. The simple handling of 404 error pages is made possible by this clever plugin.

How does the plugin work?

Go to the plugin control panel from the settings menu after installing the plugin.
In the text box, provide the URL to which the plugin should reroute all 404 links.
Choose the plugin state that should be active.
To save the form, click the Update Options button.
To view the most recent 404 links found and redirected, visit the 404 URLs tab.

Please verify that the page you listed above in the control panel to receive all 404 requests is a working link before submitting it. This page will be regarded as a 404 link and put into a redirect loop if it is invalid. You may easily turn off the plugin and determine whether the page is genuine in the event of a redirect loop.

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