HubSpot WordPress Plugin

HubSpot WordPress Plugin. Use free forms, live chat, CRM (contact management), email marketing, and analytics to collect, organize, and interact with website visitors. Simple to use and requires no code. natively included in WordPress.

To make it simple for you to manage your contacts, group them into lists, and track every interaction they’ve had with your website, your website forms will instantly sync with your HubSpot CRM. With a consistent history of the contact’s page views, live chat chats, form submissions, and more, this plugin produces and refreshes each contact record.

Email Promotion
With the simple drag and drop email builder from HubSpot, you can easily create stunning, responsive newsletters to distribute to your contact database. Create your own or choose from more than 20 ready-made templates.

Automation of Marketing
When a form is submitted or a live chat message is received, automatically send an email to the recipient. All emails have monitoring for open and click rates so you can keep tabs on interaction. These emails are instantly registered in your CRM.

Chatbots and live chat
Add live chat to your website to quickly interact with and assist visitors. Use chatbots on your website round-the-clock to automate lead generation and customer service. You may now assist your guests while you sleep!

Popups & Forms
Using the simple drag and drop builder, you can quickly create stunning forms and popups for your website.

Would you rather continue using your current popup and form tools? That’s also okay! HubSpot wp plugin already has built-in integrations with the majority of WordPress form and popup builders, so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

With the use of built-in analytics, you can quickly determine which sales and marketing initiatives are having the greatest success—and which ones require improvement. Easily monitor the effects of your forms, popups, live chat, chatbots, email marketing, and sales follow-ups on the development of your company.

Continuous Integrations
Are you content with the tools you’re using? More than 1250 apps, including Gravity Forms, WooCommerce, Stripe, and others, may now be effortlessly integrated with HubSpot.

You can link your tools with ease because HubSpot and Zapier function so well together.

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