Panda Free Antivirus Software

Panda Free Antivirus software ensures your safety as you work, play, or browse the internet. Free security for Android and Windows phones and tablets.

– Highest virus detection rate with the least amount of disruption to your device.
– Free, real-time updates will keep you safe at all times.
– Forget about complicated settings and product updates.
– Install the product, then worry-free enjoy your digital life.
– The cloud is used for all work. It won’t be noticeable to you! (but it is) – And without the need to maintain daily updates or store files!

Panda Free Antivirus softare for Windows

Antivirus Defense
Real-time protection against all sorts of malware and spyware. Plan regular scans or run a one-time scan on your machine.
USB security
By blocking viruses from USB drives from automatically running, you may protect your PC. Upon insertion, scan every USB drive.
Panda emergency kit
Free PC repair tool. Perform a sophisticated PC scan, or build a bootable USB drive for infected machines that won’t even turn on.
Game/Multimedia mode
This mode guarantees your complete security while allowing you to play or watch multimedia content without interruption from your antivirus.

Panda Free Antivirus softare for Android

Panda for androidAntivirus defense
Before they are used for the first time, installed apps and app updates are scanned in real-time without affecting device performance. Also, SD memory cards are scanned by it.
Privacy inspector
Checks and displays the apps on your device’s access rights, including access to contacts, accounts, photos, location, etc. Afterwards, you may choose which of your apps to keep or delete.
Enhance the battery life. To improve battery life and device efficiency, keep an eye on how much memory the installed apps are using and halt app processes. Keep your equipment in top condition!
Monitor the devices used by you and your family in real time. Use a map to find your stolen or misplaced tablet or smartphone.

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