Pinnacle Studio 25 Video Editing & Screen Recording Software

Pinnacle Studio 25 software. To create professional-quality projects, advanced video editing software is equipped with strong tools, original titles, transitions, filters, and effects.
Edit HD, 4K, and 360° video expertly across infinite tracks, import 8K footage, and precisely customize keyframes to adjust each and every parameter, including location, color, transparency, and more.
Use techniques that are effective, such as Video Masking, Motion Tracking, full Color Grading, Green Screen, Blend Modes, Screen Recording, MultiCam Editing, and more.

Using voiceover recording capabilities, unique noise profiles, pitch scaling, multi-channel sound mixing, and access to royalty-free music and sound effects, you can master your sound.
Create DVDs of the highest quality using more than 100 professional themes, share them with your audience immediately on YouTube or Vimeo, or export them in a variety of common file types.
Utilizing professional editing methods learned from a library of learning materials and video lessons, create products of movie-quality.

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