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VidRactor software can create stunning interactive personalized videos to get higher opens, clicks and conversions. To increase opens, clicks, and conversions, VidRactor software can produce beautiful interactive tailored films. With this amazing, 2023 ready video marketing system, you can intelligently tailor all of Your films to encourage more clients to make purchases without the need for prior video preparation or high outsourcing fees.

With the help of VidRactor, you can turn any video from YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or your own website into an interactive video that you can use to gauge user reactions at specific points in the video.


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Get Better Viewer Retention and Engagement. Since interactive videos are preferred above other types of video content by more than 86%…
Increase sales of goods and services. As Providing A Personalized Experience To Each Visitor Aids In Better Engagement, Getting More Sales, and Getting Profit.
Draw Your Prospective Customers’ Attention. Every person feels more connected to a video that is tied to a personal experience.
Gain greater customer loyalty and trust. An interactive video will keep viewers engaged with your brand longer than a static one.

Reach A Larger Audience Immediately. As interactive films quickly spread your business message to a large audience.
Expand Your Global Audience. The best strategy to expand your audience base is to provide customised films that your audience enjoys.
Marketers of video. Give your video marketing efforts a personalized touch to attract more viewers like bees to honey.

You can perform the following tasks using VidRactor:
– Include text or an image – Include a “Call to Action” – Include an opt-in form to gather leads
– Add a countdown timer to create a sense of scarcity by asking questions and collecting user responses.
– Include hotspots in the video so that when a user clicks on one, a certain action, such as fast-forwarding to a specific point in the video, redirecting to a third-party website link, or displaying a message with the button, takes place.

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VidRactor Bundle

Vidractor Software Features:

  • To create next-generation interactive videos, including text, images, and buttons inside your videos.
  • To increase engagement and sales, embed videos inside of your existing videos.
  • Countdown clocks, CTAs, and other interactive elements can help you maximize the impact of each video.
  • Add Optin Forms, Tests, and Social Share Icons With Just 3 Clicks
  • Simple Integration With Most Autoresponder Systems
  • To Complete A Specific Interactive Action, Choose A Hotspot
  • Using the Name, Email & Image Personalizer, customize your video.
  • Create eye-catching interactive videos by using sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and even self-hosted videos.
  • Install Stripe and PayPal Integration to Easily Accept Payments From Around the World
  • Social Share Buttons To Flood Any Offer With Viral Social Traffic
  • Create popups with interactive videos to increase audience traction
  • Create a video funnel to help your target audience more easily.
  • Incorporate optin forms directly into your videos to gather as many leads as possible. They can even be quickly integrated into the desired AR.
  • Include a countdown timer in your video to compel viewers to do the required action, such as buying a product or joining a mailing list.
  • Add call to action buttons to your videos to help you achieve your goals.
  • Add social sharing buttons to your films to easily have them shared on the most popular social networks.
  • To significantly increase sales, give your product an exclusive feature and a buy button.
  • With the ask question tool, you may gather user feedback and strengthen customer relationships.

Vidractor software can be useful for:

  • Affiliate Marketers
    Make customized review videos for your viewers to increase affiliate commissions with ease.
  • Email Marketers
    Make customised videos and send them along with your emails to significantly increase opens, clicks, and conversions.
  • Social Media Marketers
    Create interesting interactive films and advertise them on social media sites to attract massive amounts of relevant social traffic.
  • Ecom Store Owners
    Use customised movies to reward your visitors and increase sales so that more people will buy from you with no more work.
  • Small Business Owners
    Get more traction for your offers by drawing attention to the unique selling points of your products.
  • Webinar Presenters
    To breathe new life into lengthy, dull webinars, incorporate personalized aspects inside your recordings.
  • Product Trainers/Coaches
    Increase viewer attention by personalizing the training films with location, names, and other details.
  • Website Owners
    Add optin forms to your website to increase leads and advance your company.
  • Product Creators
    To attract as many visitors as possible, create amazing interactive films about your products and services.
  • SAAS Owners
    Spread the word about your new software by showing your audience attention-grabbing interactive movies.
  • Agency Owners
    Create engaging movies that people will buy, and you may earn money without any difficulties.

VidRactor was developed with beginners in mind. Therefore, it is completely novice-friendly and doesn’t call for any prior design or technical expertise.
Is it simple to start using VidRactor? Yes, all you have to do to permanently banish monthly money-sucking third parties is to simply follow the three procedures we’ve described above.
With its step-by-step video tutorials, VidRactor makes the procedure simple, straightforward, and turbulent-free.
Without a doubt, VidRactor is entirely cloud-based. Any computer running Windows or a Mac can use it.

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