BrightEdge Software Platform

BrightEdge Software Platform. Find out how the BrightEdge platform shows the purpose behind search queries, shows competitors for each content topic, prioritizes efforts by predicting business impact, guides content creation and optimization, and watches content performance at any level of detail.

Find out what people are looking for and get there before your rivals do.
Make a content marketing plan that reaches, helps, and pleases your audience.

Improve how well your Facebook and Twitter efforts work
Intelligent material can bridge the gap between digital and real places.
Win micro-moments by putting mobile customers in the center of your business.

What does BrightEdge do for marketers?
Find out how SEOs, Digital and Content Marketers, and Executives look at the market and take advantage of possibilities. Find out how brands assess an SEO platform and use it to make content marketing work.

BrightedgeSEOs use the BrightEdge tool in all 5 of the ways listed above.
Targeting in Data Cube
Share of Voice and Backlinks Benchmarking Reporting on the organization of campaigns and the control of work flows in Tasks
Using Recommendations and the new ContentIQ to improve content
Keyword Reporting, Page Reporting, and Site Reports: How to Measure Results using the API to pull in analytics data

Digital marketers use BrightEdge to: Find unmet customer needs and market demand with Data Cube
Content projects that can rank above fold with Intent Signal should be your top priority.
Page Reporting lets you find out which key topics have the best and worst material.
BrightEdge Content can be used to automate the improvement of Smart Content.
StoryBuilder panels can be used to show what effect organic has on a business.

Content and Demand Generation Marketers use BrightEdge to: Create smarter content faster with BrightEdge Content
Page Reporting lets you find out which key topics have the best and worst material.
Using Data Cube, you can find valuable content ideas.
Site Report lets you check the performance of conversions across all platforms.
StoryBuilder screens can be used to show how content drives business results. StoryBuilder

Most of the time, executives care most about how they stack up against their competitors.
Opportunity Forecast is used to approve the budget and resources.
Analysis of competitors and comparisons
Organic channel reports to measure business effect and return on investment

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