Hitfilm Video Editor Software

Hitfilm software for VFX and movie editing that works well Make movies however you want.
With HitFilm, you can push the limits. No matter how much you know or how skilled you are, get what you want. The best tools for editing videos, whether you’re making your first video for social media or your tenth Hollywood movie,

Make better material more quickly. HitFilm’s super-fast technology lets you work as fast as lightning. No delay, no waiting around. All the tools you need for editing, animation, and sound to make your best work yet. You can get it right by copying, trimming, syncing, and cutting.
Hitfilm Software
Must-haves for editing. You can cut, slice, trim, split, crop, flip, and do a lot more with the basic editing tools.
Drag-and-drop changes.  Use expert transitions to move from one scene to the next without a hitch.
Sets that are ready to use. With presets that you can change, you can get the right transition, color grade, or text in a matter of seconds.
Built-in tools for creativity. Access a library of stock video, music, sound effects, and templates made by professionals.
Audio sync.  Align your video and audio automatically for a smooth, quick process.
Tool for text. You can easily add subtitles to your video and make titles that stand out in both 2D and 3D.

Lighting and lens flares Use high-quality light leaks, glows, 3D light leaks, and more to get a dramatic look.
Color fixing and color grading With hundreds of professional presets and filters, you can make your movies even better.

Follow the movement. Track a point in your movie, and text, objects, and more will be added automatically.
Keying.  This is the best tool for changing your background and cleaning up the edges.

Foundry’s 3D Camera Tracker Find the right song every time. Foundry’s groundbreaking, award-winning technology is used in blockbuster movies by Pixar, Disney, and other top companies. It makes it easy to add visual effects to your edits.
Mocha HitFilm. Simple tools for rotoscoping can help you save time and get better results. Adding visual effects to your scene With Mocha’s powerful motion tracking, your animation will look more real.
Boris’s 3D things With this easy-to-use text tool, you can make any 3D title you can think of. You can move, twist, extrude, and bend your title to make it look cool in 3D. You can add to your toolbox by using the many render choices and presets.
Join a group of more than 6.5 million artists. Our Discord, YouTube channel, Learn Panel, and blog are great places to improve your skills, get ideas, and meet other artists. You can use HitFilm’s free lessons to learn everything from how to get started to how to make your own visual effects.

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