Gom Player Software

Gom Player software. A free media player is GOM Player. The program is routinely updated to accommodate new file types and comes with a variety of extra features, making it useful for watching video files that are not natively supported by default players.

The most latest and well-liked file type codecs are already pre-installed on GOM Player software. The software will direct the user to look for results if a missing codec prevents the playback of a rare or odd video file. After then, the user can browse additional information and potential locations for the codec.

It is compatible with a number of file formats, including AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, WMV, and MOV.
You can also use Windows to play corrupted files, search codecs, and download files.
Data has been gathered for the GOM Player Subtitle Library over ten years!
automatically finds and synchronizes subtitles for the currently playing film.
You can enjoy a high degree of immersion in 360-degree mode in addition to watching 360-degree videos you own. (Mac OS and Windows XP are not supported).

Windows Media Player software or DirectX may be needed for some videos.
Depending on the type of video file, different settings could be advised.
360° VR gaming is supported on DirectX 11 or later and Windows Vista SP2.
In the OS version of Vista or before, “Searching the codec” and “Searching the subtitles” are restricted.
The Windows XP/Vista updates are no longer supported.

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