PhotoScape X Software

PhotoScape X software is an all-in-one picture editing program that offers functions for managing photos, including a photo viewer, editor, cutout, batch, collage, combine, create GIFs, color picker, screen capture, RAW images, and more.

Try a variety of effects, filters and adjustments to make your own distinct style.
Apply film effect to get your own analogue feelings.
Apply light leak effect to turn out a boring and featureless photo into an astonishing photo.

PhotoScape X Software Features:

Viewer: Lossless Rotate, Loupe View, Full Screen, Flag, Star Rating, Share (Email, Twitter, Facebook), Metadata, Photo, Video, and Audio (Exif,IPTC,GPS) Viewer.
1000+ filters and effects, frames, objects, brushes, and tools in the editor Rotate, Straighten, Flip, Resize, Crop, Circular Crop, Perspective Crop, Mask (Local Adjustments), Redo+, and Project are all image editing operations.
Remove the backdrop from an image by cutting it out. (Brush tool, Lasso tool, Magic Eraser)
Edit several photographs in bulk.
Collage: Combine several photographs on the collage frame to make a single finished image.
Combine: Attach many photographs either vertically or horizontally to make a single composite image.
Create animated GIFs using the GIF creator.
Publish: Print pictures.
Take a screenshot of your screen and save it.
Zoom in on images, search, and choose a color with the color picker.
Split: Cut a picture into multiple pieces.
Batch format change: Convert several photos at once to a different format.
Batch resizing involves resizing several photos at once.
Batch renaming: Rename many photo files at once.
Filters & Effects: Negative, Magic Color, Miniature, Bloom, HDR, Surrealistic, Grayscale, Sepia, Badicoot, Black & White, Sharpen, Blur, 40+ old photos, 40+ dirt & scratches, 40+ textures, 20+ lens flares, 80+ films, 80+ duotones, 100+ light leaks, 120+ overlays, 40+ old photos, 40+ textures, etc. [Expand]
Borders: 1,000+ Stickers, 240+ Figures, Image, Text, Text Warp, Magnifier, Arrow, Line, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Circle, Object Transform, Object Mask, 290+ Frames, 240+ Shapes, and more
Tools & Brushes: Draw, Scatter, Use a Paintbrush, Paint Bucket, Mosaic Brush, Correct Red Eye, Mix a Spot, Liquify, and Clone Stamp
Photo Merge: Focus Stacking and HDR Merge
Macro: Record a number of activities, then play them again simultaneously.
Extension for the Photos app (macOS 10.11 and up).

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