Pinnacle Studio 26 Ultimate Software

Pinnacle Studio 26 Ultimate Pro-level video editing software for Windows. With complete control, accuracy, and the strength of pro-caliber tools, edit freely across a limitless number of tracks to produce works of art on par with those found in movies. Enjoy pro-level video editing that can transform your creative concepts into preeminent productions worthy of the big screen—all with the help of advanced tools, cinema-grade effects, the unparalleled accuracy of keyframing, and the high-level performance that Pinnacle Studio 26 Ultimate delivers.

Take advantage of cutting-edge HD, 4K, and 360 video editing across limitless tracks. Powerful pro-caliber features, such as Video Masking, 360° Video Editing, Motion Tracking, MultiCam Editing, Split Screen Video, and much more, can help you take your projects to the next level.

You’ll have everything you need to highlight the distinctive character of your projects with full Color Grading functionality, Morph and Seamless Transitions, Paint Effects, bespoke titles, and more.

Beyond the limitations of typical keyframing, adjust the position, size, speed, overlays, transitions, effects, and many other aspects of your edit.

Set custom tool shortcuts, organize and edit clips simultaneously, and discover a streamlined workflow with better-than-ever product stability and dependability to customize your workspace to your individual editing tastes.

User-identified areas, including program launch time, resource usage, interface and project preview responsiveness, as well as import and export speed, have seen incredible performance gains. Principal performance enhancements comprise:

Utilizing Apple ProRes* as a smart proxy format to enhance timeline rendering, preview, playback, and general editing responsiveness.
Modifying the behavioral logic to prevent pointless refreshes and cut down on rendering delays
To improve performance, a new dropdown has been added with options for project preview quality.
targeted speed increases for exporting finished projects and importing clips into the collection5.

With the help of recently enhanced keyframe management capabilities, it’s simple to modify keyframe groups to quickly replicate your customizations, including sophisticated color or brightness change sequences, light flashes, bespoke pan and zoom animations, and looping animations.
Create, copy, paste, and delete keyframe groups for parameters (brightness, transparency, saturation, etc.) on the same clip as well as for different parameters on different clips.

What’s included:

Main Applications:

  • Video editing software
  • Video capture and screen recorder
  • Slideshow maker
  • Audio editor
  • DVD authoring
  • Video converter

Creative Content:

  • Hundreds of filters and effects
  • Library of animated overlays, graphics, creative fonts, and titles
  • Themed templates and video montages
  • Royalty-free music and sound effects

Documentation & Tutorials:

  • User Guide PDF
  • Search Help Files
  • Built-in tutorials & learning videos
  • 10-day FREE all-access pass to StudioBacklot for first time users, includes training and royalty-free content

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