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VideoCreator software is the One-Stop solution to all Your video requirements. VideoCreator has more than 650 jaw-dropping video templates in its front-end product alone, unlike other programs you may have used in the past. Of any ONE app, this has the broadest selection of premium, editable video templates.
With cutting-edge features like Motion Tracking, Logo Mapping, Scroll Stoppers, Neon Videos, 3D visuals, and live action videos tailored to local companies with actual people from diverse professions, no other video app on the market can compare.
The competition will pale in comparison to the hundreds of original video templates available.

Users of competing apps can only produce brief (30 second) videos. Using expert, ready-to-use video templates, VideoCreator enables your customers to make lengthy explanation and animation videos!

The Most Professional Video Templates Offered In A One App!
The app includes over 670 ready-to-use video templates that have undergone conversion testing. largest selection in comparison to other software!

You have complete power over altering the logos, text, pictures, music, watermarks, and backdrops to suit your preferences in any movie.
Make incredible Scroll Stoppers… Whiteboard videos, live action videos, motion tracking videos, explainer videos, animation videos, video mockups, product promos, and 3D visual effects video advertisements, e-commerce videos, and hyper-realistic dynamic scenarios From ONE dashboard, you may access social media and every other kind of video you can think of.
Save money and time by replacing various video apps!


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New Motion Tracking Technique for Logos
Add your logos and branding to real-life moving objects and scenes for the first time ever to draw in more viewers and increase sales!
Over the past three years, we have been working on this patented technique, and we have now succeeded!
Some rivals restrict you to adding logos to still pictures and scenarios. Here, the logos move along with the moving object and appear to be a natural part of the picture.

Videos That Will Stop You In Your Tracks
On any social media platform, Scroll Stopper films are sure to increase engagement, soar in clickthrough rates, and cut your advertising expenditures!
To ensure that these are completely compliant with all social platforms and rules, we tested and researched them extensively. As a result, your accounts will never be banned.
No need for pricey freelancers or expensive video apps—just MINUTES to create sizzling hot scroll stoppers for any business objective!

Actual human actors are present in live action text messaging videos.
Excellent option for small-town businesses and entrepreneurs looking to increase sales, leads, and traffic.
With live actors decked out in various accessories and attire to reflect various occupations, you can create the ideal video message for any neighborhood business!
Living actors in the roles of doctors, real estate agents, handymen, builders, fitness enthusiasts, shoppers, businesspeople, military personnel, and other professions are present.

Ecommerce profit-boosting and 3D product mockup videos
With stunning 3D product mockup movies, you can highlight your items and ecommerce companies.
The BEST SELLING video commercials that generated millions in revenue served as the inspiration for these video templates.
With VideoCreator, you can now make stunning product presentation videos in a matter of seconds.

Videos of photorealistic 3D animation
3D animations that look photorealistic make your films come to life! These kinds of 3D videos require expensive freelancer hiring. Complex animation programs take expertise and experience to use.
Anyone may quickly and easily produce 3D animation videos using VideoCreator, regardless of experience or ability level.

VideoCreator Software Features:

  • There are hundreds of ready-to-use templates available, including designs and hot topics for any type of business.
  • Videos of All Forms and Dimensions: Simple creation of vertical, square, landscape, and rectangular videos.
  • Videos For Any Marketing Objectives: Explainer, Animated, Whiteboard, Ecommerce, or any other sort of video inside ONE platform
  • Make Videos In Any Language To Reach A Worldwide Audience With Multi-Lingual Support.
  • No caps, restrictions, or monthly fees; limitless video rendering.
  • Save Thousands of Dollars With Our Copyright-Free Video, Picture, and Audio Collection!
  • 720P HD Video Renders Will Astound Your Audience.
  • Offer Movies To Customers Online & Offline To Increase Revenues: Commercial License Included.
  • One-Stop Video Creator From the ONE Dashboard, create all common video formats.
  • Templates for ready-made videos. With the aid of countless templates, easily create videos.
  • Make everything unique. Customize films with your own text, graphics, and branding.
  • Add Your Own Music, Pictures, and Logos. Add your own personality to your videos.
  • Videos in all formats. Exactly the right size for social media sites.
  • Millions of images with no royalties. For assets with no restrictions on use, integrate Pixels and Pixabay.
  • Simple Dashboard. Simple drag-and-drop interface allows anyone without technical knowledge to create stunning videos.
  • Full HD Resolution. Make HD films without paying any further costs.
  • Integrated music library. Choose from a huge selection of music songs.
  • Fully Cloud Based App. Nothing needs to be installed.
  • Step-by-Step Instruction Reduce your learning curve to achieve quick outcomes.
  • Excellent Assistance. When you’re trapped, quickly seek assistance.

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