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Affinity Photo software. Millions of creative and photography professionals across the world rely on Affinity Photo because it is the only fully featured photo editor that is compatible with macOS, Windows, and iPad. The award-winning software has everything you need to edit and retouch photographs, create multi-layered compositions, stunning raster paints, and much more. It does so with astonishing speed, power, and precision.
To make editing easier than ever, it also has a totally revamped user interface (UI) and hundreds of time-saving functions.

Built for professional workflow. Massive image support, live real-time editing, incredibly smooth pan and zoom at maximum refresh rate, and almost instantaneous loading of enormous files… It moves quite quickly and powerfully.
Perfect photo editing. Skin that is smooth and separates frequencies. Use tools for blemish removal, dodge, burn, clone, patching, and editing. The magical Inpainting Brush can be used to eliminate undesirable items. Liquify workspaces are used to precisely shape features and more.
complete RAW development Get an all-encompassing 32-bit experience by shooting in RAW. To elevate that flawless photo, emphasize every aspect and control the smaller tweaks.

Affinity Photo softwarePick from a vast collection of brushes, including ones you created yourself. The robust brush engine provides the most realistic painting experience currently available. It also enables you to import.abr brush files and build your own brushes from the current pixel selection.
Stunning compositions with an infinite number of layers and effects. Discover a vast collection of changes, effects, and live filters that can all be combined, clipped, masked, or mixed to produce highly intricate image compositions.

Using the app’s sophisticated selection refinement algorithms and tools, including as the Selection Brush, Magic Wand, Paint to Select, Pen Tool, and more, you can easily make incredibly exact selections, even down to individual hair strands.
across all devices, including iPad, fully featured. The only professional picture editing software that fully supports file formats on Windows, Mac, and iPad, enabling you to work with the same file on any device.

Assets – To streamline your process, save a library of assets.
Blend modes: Play around with a variety of blend types to find the ideal appearance for your project.
Use a non-destructive warp to alter a file or image to match the surface of an underlying template, and then return at any time to edit.
Focus merge: To create photos with a deeper depth of field, combine images with various focus discrepancies.
Compound masks make it simple to non-destructively combine several mask layers together by employing add, intersect, subtract, and XOR operations.
Live masks – Create practical, non-destructive workflows by using parametric settings to mask layers, such as Hue Range (colors), Luminosity (intensity), and Band-Pass (frequency).

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