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Affinity Designer software. The new industry standard in the design world has been set by the award-winning vector graphics program Affinity Designer. Thousands of professional illustrators, web designers, game developers, and other creatives use the very fluid, feature-rich program, which is available for Windows, macOS, and iPad, to produce high-quality concept art, print projects, logos, icons, UI designs, mock-ups, and more.
Even on the most difficult documents, live support is quick and helpful. Organize with layer groups and color tagging, manage hundreds of items without any lag, make exact selections with the live outline view, and zoom up to one million (!) percent.

Workspaces with full raster and vector functionality. You have complete creative freedom at your disposal when you apply raster brush texture to your graphics, edit individual pixels on icons, mask and add grain to your sharp vectors, and enclose and clip pixel layers.
Many time-saving features and tools. Easily create grids, guides, and planes, link symbols and constraints, personalize keyboard shortcuts, save your preferred workspace configurations, and more!
Every time, achieve pixel-perfect designs. To see a completely real-time preview of how each component of your design will export, use the pixel preview mode to inspect vectors at both standard and retina resolution.

Affinity designerArrange any one of your screens, pages, menus, and other components across as many artboards as you choose. Ideal for producing digital content such as website mock-ups, still images, and social media templates.
You may design your own bespoke font, flow text along any path, add everything from ligatures and creative text to character and paragraph styles, and more, thanks to sophisticated typography options.
Professional results for collaboration, print, or digital. You can transform your writing into merchandise, marketing materials, publications in print or online, etc.

Anywhere, on any device. The file format is precisely the same on Windows, Mac, and iPad. This provides you and your team complete flexibility to work on the same project from anywhere using various devices.
Very adaptable and deliciously compatible. Work with many color spaces as well as JPEG, PDF, SVG, PSD, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and DWG/DXF file types.
The vector warp Any vector artwork or text can be warped without causing any damage. Even on complicated graphics, editing any warp provides a lightning-fast live preview and a real vector output.

Contour tool – Use the potent contour tool to build arbitrary shapes or widen single open curves.
Non-destructive changes – You can add a new layer to your design and make a variety of non-destructive adjustments to it for creative or corrective purposes.

X-ray view is a new view mode that reveals the structure of your work and is especially helpful for carefully selecting a particular curve or object within intricate artwork.

Shape Builder Tool: Easily and interactively add and remove shapes and segments. Drag to combine, hold to subtract, and vice versa.
Grids and directions You can set up grids and guides in virtually any design you like, including full isometric with several planes.
Knife Tool: Slice any shape, curve, or text into individual letters or characters in an instant.

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